Nautica Voyage- Review

Top Notes: Green Leaves, Apple

Middle Notes: Mimose, Lotus

Base Notes: Musk, Cedar, Oak Moss, Amber

Perfumer: Maurice Roucel

Price: In $20-40 range, depending on size of bottle and where you purchase

Launched in 2006, this cologne has become my favorite aquatic scent. It was my second cologne I had ever purchased. I went to JC Penney and smelled just about every cologne they had but loved the very fresh and ocean-like smell that Nautica Voyage. The presentation of the cologne is very nice. While it may look relatively basic I find it very classy and perfect to represent the fragrance; simple but great.The longevity is decent, nothing too impressive however it gets the job done.  I wore this into work one morning and the second I said hello to my boss he commented on the fresh smell I was giving off. However that’s about all the complements you should expect. While Voyage is a very solid fragrance it isn’t very unique. Personally I would recommend this to anyone looking for a inexpensive fresh cologne that they can wear in just about any situation. I would recommend wearing this primarily in the Spring and Summer seasons however it could work in the colder seasons.

Rating: 4 out of 5  Ultimately the fragrance is not unique however it is inexpensive, the longevity is good, and I cant help but picture a beautiful day at the beach when I put this on.

Other Colognes from Nautica: Nautica Aqua Rush, Nautica Voyage Sport, Nautica Classic, Nautica Pure


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